Quality and know-how ...

With a solid experience in the restoration of large classical units (Vanity V Noryema ...), Frédéric Maingret and his team have been working, for over 10 years now, respecting the authentic and original know-how that are the heart of traditional boat building, while employing today's innovative techniques. It is this constant concern for quality and modernity that the EPV label acknowledges.

From the choice of wood to the deck's board or planking adjustments, conventional techniques demonstrate each day the legitimacy of their reputation for nothing replaces the accuracy of measurement and the precision of repeated gestures.

Technical know-how is also consistent with modernity : in its restorations, the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX puts all its know-how at the service of both traditional and modern boat (molded wood, strip planking, plywood/epoxy...).

The workshop is also equipped with digital machines to answer these needs and a paint booth for boats up to 9 meters.


A boat, an identity...

The boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX offers any kind of traditional boat building, from plans or templates. For these projects, various techniques can be suggested: carvel or clinker construction...

Building Jeanne J., a traditional Baie de Bourgneuf shallop, the boatyard has demonstrated its expertise in terms of traditional construction. Our WOODEN COMPOSITE activity also allows us to offer the construction of units made ​​of a material more technological but whose heart is the wood.

Building Jeanne J

Jeanne J, a traditional Baie de Bourgneuf shallop, has been built by the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX in 2007/2008.



The boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX being located opposite the maritime museum of Noitmoutier, a former boatyard, couldn't settle down there without honoring a representative of the maritime heritage dear to this island.

The boatyard offer, indeed, the construction of the "Noirmoutrin", small boat of 5.80 m that was created in 1953. This boat,  perfect for coastal family navigations, has known a great success from the 60s to the 80s.