Since time immemorial, people have adapted to the surrounding geography, the Bay de Bourgneuf was no exception. With its fishing and working culture, the hull shapes and ways of working have evolved to meet the market demand.

Disappeared since the 1950s, a Bay de Bourgneuf shallop, Jeanne J, was buit in 2008 to fulfill the dream of some people (associations and private) and thanks to the know-how of the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX. This traditional unit represents in various events the local maritime heritage (La Semaine du Golfe, Brest, Douarnenez, Les Régates du Bois de la Chaise, Le Grand Pavois…).

In 2011, the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX has lauched the Martroger III after a thorough restoration.

The boatyard also ensure the maintenance of the portuguese barge O'Abandonado which offers day trips departing from the Herbaudière harbour.

Martroger III

Le Martroger 3


The thorough restoration of this former Phares et Balises unit has been completed in 2011. Martroger III was launched on July the 29th in the harbour of l'Herbaudière.




Inshore fishing vessel built in 1971 by the boatyard THOMAZEAU, in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.


Va pas trop vite

A shrimp cutter of the Baie de Bourgneuf, built in 1934 by the boatyard BOUCHE (Pornic).

Jeanne J

Jeanne J, Baie de Bourgneuf shallop, built by the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX in 2007/2008.


Martroger III

Martroger III (historic monument), was built by the boatyard l'ESPOIR SABLAIS in 1933 and has been the last sailing buoy tender operating on the Atlantic coast.