The beginning of an adventure...

Located, since June 2002, on the south shore of the harbour of Noirmoutier-en-L'île (Vendée, France), the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX strives to revive the traditional heritage of the island of Noirmoutier, by restoring and building wooden boats.

Initiated to the best restoration techniques of large classical units, Frédéric Maingret and his team ensure you an individualized monitoring of your boat, since every boat is unique and requires an accurate diagnosis.

Depending on the demands, the team strives to restore, with the greatest accuracy, all the hulls entrusted to the CHANTIER DES ILEAUX.

Wooden composite boat building

In September 2012, CHANTIER DES ILEAUX extends its activities by developing the WOODEN COMPOSITE boat building activity.

The workshops

To better respond to your requests of restorations or constructions of traditional wooden boats, the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX combines authentic craftsmanship and modernity. The workshop is especially equipped with digital machines to meet all these needs. The workshop is also equipped with a painting area for boats up to 9 meters long.

To accommodate the WOODEN COMPOSITE activity, CHANTIER DES ILEAUX has redesigned a part of its building : a 150 square meters workshop has been built. This workshop is fully insulated to optimize the manufacture of strip planking wooden boat.