Since the arrival of the first Doris on Noirmoutier's "Plage des Dames" beach, more than a century ago, day boating has developed in the Baie de Bourgneuf which offers suitable coastal navigation conditions.

Since then, the boatyards have developed small and medium units to fit the local sailor's needs. Noirmoutier counting numerous beautiful classic units, some sailors fond of the local maritime heritage have decided to have some of these units restored by the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX.

Here are some examples ...



Le noirmoutrin


Have your own one built

The boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX offers you to build your "Noirmoutrin", a 5.80m traditional local unit perfect for coastal family sailing.



Splendid unit built by VANDERNOTT boatyard, in Nantes.

La Goele  

La Goele II

This 4m "Lodovici", classical small unit very common in the island from the 60s to the 80s.


Riri III

5m sailing dinghy built by the AUBIN boatyard, in Nantes.


Jovial Tiburon

The very first unit restored by the boatyard, Jovial Tiburon, is always admired for its ease while manoeuvring in the harbour.


Eleventh unit of a 18 units serie, well known of the local sailors, this Noirmoutrin needed a thorough restoration.


« Mentor », second Bélouga restoration of the boatyard, finished first of its category during the 2010 edition of the "Bois de la Chaise" regattas.