Since the arrival of Alexandre Genoud at the boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX, in 2012, the boatyard offers Wooden Composite boat building techniques.

Wooden Composite techniques

Wood composite boats combine the intrinsic qualities of wood with those of the composite materials. Inert, since it is isolated from moisture, the wood becomes more stable which makes the boat maintenance easier.

Self-draining and unsinkable, these vessels meet the latest safety standards and offer, moreover, a stiffness and lightness equivalent or superior to polyester industrial boats.

The boatyard CHANTIER DES ILEAUX offers several modern wood building techniques: strip planking, plywood/epoxy and molded wood composite.

Technical and flexible...

Thanks to his experience, Alexandre Genoud has perfected modern wood building technologies and optimized the use of computer softwares (3D boat design, digital wood cutting...). It gives us flexibility and allows us to build boats individually or in small series.

New Builds...


Super Leggero

Young brother of Leggero L8, Super Leggero offers power, speed and lightness...



A serie of powerful, fast, lightweight, elegant, contemporary, technically advanced boats that are very easy to use.


New sailboat, launched in 2012, inspired by the silhouette of mixed canoes (mackerel fishing canoes) of the Bassin d'Arcachon.

Vert d'O

Day boat with classical lines combined with the most contemporary technical solutions.


Small and fast coastal cruiser. Modern hull shape : tight and airy. Her design differenciates her from industrial vessels...


Heir to the Indigo, this day boat offers a more powerful hull, more space in the cockpit and inside.


Wooden Composite / New Builds


You have a DREAM, an IDEA, a DESIRE... and you can not find, on the market, any boat living up to your expectation?

Let's develop your project TOGETHER !

From your specifications, we can develop a draft, select the naval architect, estimate the cost of production and provide a tailor made building of your boat. Actually, MOST OF OUR projects were born this way!

Do not hesitate, contact us !


Construction of the 2nd Rosso 28

Following the first Rosso28, launched in september 2013, the Chantier des Ileaux is about to build the second unit of this 8,5 meters day boat (more)


Tröll 26

This perfect dayboat has been designed in close collaboration with its owner and the architect.  Tröll 26 will be shown at the Grand Pavois 2016... (more)


Gran Leggero

After the Leggero L8 (Special Jurry Prize at the election of the Year's boat) then the Superleggero launched in 2013, the chantier des Ileaux and Paolo Bua have designed the Granleggero : a unique 10 meters long unit that ally design, velocity and simplicity. (more)


Arcachon 31

Following the success of the Arcachon 26, the chantier des Ileaux and Eric Henseval-Yacht design have designed the Arcachon 31’.



Tröll 26
Troll 26

The Chantier des Ileaux announces the latest achievement of its Wooden Composite team, a 8 meters long Day Boat with highly efficient & fully open, the Troll 26 completes the range of Leggero , XO & Rosso.

It is the result of collaboration with the Italian architect Paolo BUA already noticed by the purity of his designs & the performance of his hulls.

The owner also was part of the project in all its phases, showing the philosophy of boatyard : turning a dream into concrete project combining the nobility of wood to the latest innovations in strip planking.

8 meters long by 2.50 meters midship, 1.80 meters draft, simple, sleek and elegant, this boat is perfectly designed for day trips , quick, friendly & techniques!

More about Tröll 26...